The Leaning Garden of Farnham

This morning, walking back from town, it suddenly hit me that the park is all very green again. This mostly hit home because the park people had been round with their Weapons of Park Maintenance and left the place looking lush and fresh.

Then, as if to underline the point, at lunch on the terrace, I looked up and realised the tree that had been bare during the Easter Egg Hunt only last Sunday was sprouting green all over it. The change had come along very quickly. This echoes the rest of the garden which is following on from the Spring bulbs and waking up ahead of the promise of Summer just around the corner.

Of course, not everything is rosy in the garden. As I sat in my office looking out over the old Wildflower Bed, I realised that the Herb Table that I made a century or two ago and then repaired in more recent times, has developed a serious list to the right (or left depending on your viewpoint).

Leaning into the wind

A while ago, Mirinda turned it into her Pixie Garden and, while it’s lovely and always a joy to watch the Pixies gambolling, it seems to need more than a repair job now. Complete replacement would appear to be the only solution. In order to accomplish this, it’s necessary to transplant the alpines that make up the bulk of the Pixie Garden into a temporary location.

This, of course, meant a trip to the Garden Centre. Given it might be an emergency, it also meant heading to the Garden Centre this afternoon.

Obviously we normally go to the Garden Centre of a Sunday (sadly we couldn’t take Fiona last week because it was closed for the resurrection) so Mirinda had to look up the closing times. To her surprise and delight, they all seem to close at 7pm. It being only 5:30pm, we jumped into Max and headed up to Badshot Lea.

And how much nicer it is on a Thursday prevening. Plenty of parking, no trolley rage, empty tills, it was superb. I’m not one to generally enjoy the Garden Centre but even I had to say how pleasant it was. This is clearly the Optimum Garden Centre Time.

We managed to buy three stone-like alpine planters, some vanilla smelling plants and, most important, a couple of very cute looking bottles of flavoured gin (one with watermelon and one with blackberry).

It was a very successful expedition.

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