Alan! Alan!

Everything was back to normal today. Life was just the two of us and the girls. The weather continued to be glorious and Mirinda continued with her thesis. It’s incredible but it will be finished this week. I think a celebration is going to be due.

Coming back from Starbucks and shopping, I was reminded why people should have more than a single dog. Most dogs are sociable. Most dogs don’t like being alone. Most dogs, given the chance, will run off with a playful pack in order to be sociable and have fun.

Emma has a clone in the park. Okay, it’s a male and a bit smaller but, even so, he looks exactly like Emma did when she was about two. His name is Alan and he is extremely playful. He is also an only dog.

What happened today (and I’ve seen happen many times in the past) is that Alan spotted two cockerpoos having a good time. To Alan, this is an invitation impossible to ignore (kind of like Freya when she sees a squirrel) and he’ll run off and join the fray.

This leads to Alan’s owners (sometimes one of them, other times both) standing calling him with increasing levels of annoyance.

Alan. ALAN. AAAAALLLLAAAANNNN!!!” And there’s never any response because Alan is having way too much fun.

Eventually the owner of the other dog will stop and hold onto Alan until his owner reaches him to take over. Alan’s owner always looks a bit cranky but, credit to them they never tell Alan off. Instead, lead attached to his collar, they march back to where they started, Alan just as happy, his tail wagging like Freya waiting for her dinner to be put down in the laundry.

Now, if Alan had a puppy friend, he’d be less likely to run off and not come back. He would have a chum to always play with or just to keep him company or for the odd hand of bridge when the weather’s wet and miserable. But what can you do?

My day largely consisted of laundry and thesis formatting…so Alan’s little escapade was the most exciting thing to happen to me.

And, because I didn’t take any photos today, here’s one of yesterday morning that Mirinda took.

Egg hunt respite

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