Melting bunnies

Ages ago, back when Bob and Fi decided to come over for a visit and we realised it would be at Easter, Mirinda told me I’d have to organise an egg hunt on Easter Sunday. Fortunately this did not mean having to wear a bunny costume, bouncing around the garden with a little basket full of chocolate. It did mean having to spend the morning hiding little sweet treats all over the garden, ensuring they were above puppy height.

Of course, that was after I’d made Bob and Fi the traditional box of ChezGaz shortbread.

Bob joined us at just gone 9:30 and the hunt began. The weather, by the way, was so unseasonally hot that some of the chocolate, hidden in sunlit spots, melted. It made some of the little chocolate bunnies look a bit like flattened roadkill. Not that that interfered with the taste; it was just a bit more drinking than solid chocolate.

And the hunting was intense and pretty widespread. But, rather than write about it, here’s the video evidence:

This is over eight minutes of chocolate hunting

Our visitors were leaving at 7pm so the day was spent in many walks and the general devouring of chocolate. I made six hour pork belly which we had as a Traditional Sunday Roast on the Terrace and the afternoon was spent in, basically, a sugar stupor.

Sadly, the clock soon ticked around and we stood in the street waving as the taxi gradually disappeared from view down our street. We’ll miss them but a return to a lack of carbs is very welcome.


NOTE: I sent the video, via Messenger, to a number of family and friends and, while the comments regarded the video as being full of general hilarity, there was also quite a lot about the beauty of our garden. I need to emphasise that it’s all Mirinda’s work!

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