Teeming with skylarks

A lot of today was about waiting. Mostly the waiting was to do with the Stockwells’ slow progress from Devon. I followed Mirinda’s phone in order to work out when they’d be home (Do I make lunch? Do I not make lunch? Do I go hungry?) and was a bit concerned when she pulled up at the bottom of Castle Street and seemed to be waiting for far too long. It turned out they were dropping Bob off so he could walk to the Bush and check-in.

They all had a great time In Devon. The accommodation was excellent (though the car park was a bit hairy), the view of the ocean was superb and the fudge quickly gone. There was also some discussion about a number of mysteriously vanishing hot cross buns.

I was also told about how much gin they all consumed with some amount of glee – the telling as well as the drinking.

Meanwhile I went to the shops first then, after returning, rang mum for a chat before she went to bed. We attempted to Skype but she keeps forgetting how to work the laptop. I’m thinking it might be phone calls from now on.

And the day was absolutely beautiful as the Mediterranean weather continues to flood us with glorious sun. This was no more evidenced than by the quantity of skylarks that were encountered during a walk at Crondall. In fact, it was definitely an exaltation of skylarks as the collective noun accurately describes them.

We’ve often heard them at Hankley but rarely see them. Mirinda said that all ended today with the hordes at Crondall. It was teeming with them, Fiona claimed.

I didn’t go for the walk as I was preparing dinner which we ate on the terrace for the first time since last summer. I made moussaka with an insalata caprese for main course, following scallops in butter with chorizo and ending with lo-carb kulfi for dessert. There were also three bottles of wine demolished.

It was an excellent dinner in the dying rays of the day.

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