How to argue by text

Today, being a Sunday, was Market Day in Caloundra. This meant, naturally, a walk up Bulcock Street where I had a bratwurst and sauerkraut. I do this every time I’m here on a Sunday for one, simple reason: The German woman who runs the sausage stall sells the best bratwurst I have ever tasted, outside of Germany. And she didn’t let me down this morning.

Totally yum!

Having eaten that little beauty from the safety of a bench, I strolled on and up to the Kai Cafe at the top of Bulcock Street where I sat and had my usual latte, watching people wandering around looking at strange wind ornaments and surf clothes under the almost cloudless sky.

Stalls in Bulcock

And the day was indeed glorious (though too hot for me). The sky was deep blue all day and the temperature a laze inducing late 20’s. It was the perfect day to go for lunch at the Kawana Pub where you sit around a massive deck and watch the forests of masts in the marina with an occasional boat heading out for a bit of a sail.

We were there with Jen, having lunch, chatting and trying our best to ignore the mis-named entertainer with the guitar and double microphone.

I figured that, given I’d had bratwurst for breakfast that I’d indulge in pizza for lunch and numerous glasses of beer. The pizza sort of helped with my digestion but the beer worked a treat with the heat.

It was while we sat and talked and ate and drank that I discovered that these days the kids argue by text. (I should probably explain that the ‘kids’ I refer to are the age of one of Jenny’s sons and his girlfriend. I don’t know how old they are but they are not teenagers.)

Apparently her son has a girlfriend who is very high maintenance, mimicking the type of American TV ideal of plaster of Paris faces and fish pouts. It’s always an education for me when I’m involved in these sort of conversations because this is an absolute alien world. I have no idea why people want to spend hours making themselves look like plastic. Still, what do I know?

So, this girlfriend is apt to be somewhat jealous so Jen’s son tries to let her know everything that is happening to give her no cause. In doing so, he winds up giving her cause. Like the party he went to without her. It was meant to be a bunch of blokes but about 30 girls turned up unannounced. He immediately texted her about it, thinking it would be better to tell her before rather than after the fact. It didn’t help.

They then had this massive argument but, rather than face-to-face or over the phone, it was via text. I asked at this point whether such a thing was satisfying at all. No-one knew. I fear it’s probably more frustrating than satisfying but, again, what do I know?

Jen and Denise at the Kawana pub

Eventually our lunch arrived and we tucked in as lots of people arrived for various booked engagements. Which reminds me, this is a bit of a legendary place for engagements. Chris and Chloe had their’s here as did Mitch and Nathalia. I’m not drawing any conclusions.

We must have sat at the table above for about three hours. It was easily through three sets of the musician who shouldn’t. Oh, how I prayed for the World Champion Piano Accordion player of 1980-something…which, as I remarked to my dining companions, I had met only a week ago but felt like months. It has been a surprisingly interesting week, full of other people’s stories.

Eventually it was time for Gaz to visit Dan Murphy for a bit of a beery top up and for us all to go to our respective homes. For Jen to cuddle her Beagles, for me to drink beer and for Denise to get ready for work tomorrow. It really was a lovely, lovely day.

Looking out at the marina as we left

I took a short video at the market but think I’ve probably taken the same one on a previous visit. Regardless, I’m including it here. I’m not sure why I did it in portrait.

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  1. Fiona Hassell says:

    Glad you’re enjoying yourselves, give our love to your Mum and Denise. Xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    That’s a lot of carbs!!!! When the cat goes away – it eats carbsLife is full of other people’s stories I rather like that concept

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