Bambi spotted at castle

And after the storm we have a glorious day with the temperature a reasonable 26º. Heavenly and just right for tennis. I’m sure mum would agree since she seems to have become obsessed with the weather at Wimbledon. Apparently Dawn (who loves Wimbledon) spent a large part of the day watching the men’s quarter finals today including Murray’s win. I’m sure she’s very happy tonight.

As Mirinda was in Manchester today (for work…like she’d go there for pleasure! Not!) we didn’t have our usual lunch date so I was at home, doing my house husbandly duties. As I’m off up north myself tomorrow, I’ve made the house lovely for her and the poodles.

Other than shopping, I went out to the park with the girls. Such a lovely day for a walk. Following the increasing prevalence of FSIs, I decided to make them wear their coats. I counted them rolling in some foul remains no less than 8 times. Rotten dogs: Excellent coats.

As we swung up towards the castle, I spotted what I first thought was a giant hare. Actually, that’s not true but Mirinda will understand. I thought it was a Rhodesian ridgeback, standing on top of the defensive ditch that runs around the castle. Then I realised it had a very long neck and was eating grass. Now I’m no authority on Rhodesian ridgebacks but this seemed unlikely behaviour. Then it looked up, staring at me and the poodles.

It was a deer, having a midday munch. I immediately stopped and signalled the dogs to stop. One really handy thing the dogs seemed to have learnt is that when I put my hand (or in fact, a finger) out at them, they just stop and stare at it. Works most of the time and today was no exception. All three of us stood like statues until the deer figured we were just trees that hadn’t been there shortly before, and went back to its meal.

I slowly walked in a circle, keeping my eyes on the deer and the dogs trotting at my heels, eyes glued on my hand. I stopped when we reached one of the Avenue of Trees trees and took out my camera. The deer was still quite a distance from us but, using the tree as an improvised sideways tripod, I snapped a few shots of it, willing it to look up at me.

Deer in Farnham Park

It is so rare to catch them out during the day, I was thrilled. The deer is looking down the hill from me where a woman and two Labradors were approaching. It bolted soon afterwards, as all the dogs spotted each other and the four of them started talking in overly loud dog language.

Speaking of the girls…while I was taking my blip for today, Carmen decided to sit on the patio table, giving me moral support (or wondering what the hell I was doing crouched over the cotton lavender). She looked so cute, I snapped her too.

Carmen in her favourite sunny position

I won’t have my netbook with me for the next few days as I go north to watch the cricket and drink beer so my ravings will be having a rest until Sunday when I can type again.

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2 Responses to Bambi spotted at castle

  1. mum cook says:

    OK No more weather reports as you wont be there anyway.
    Uncle Ronnie got home safe and sound sent me an email as I sent him your photo he said he thought you took at least two if so I would like some more Thank you. have a great weekend. lovely pic of the Deer. love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    The deer looks so lovely – and not at all like a giant hare. Unless of course the giant hare was in fact …. a deer.
    And the house is lovely. But all the lovely tidiness in the world doesn’t stop the dog 2 doors down in the dead house crying and yammering all evening…

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