A very short heatwave

Today was another scorcher. Really. I’m not exaggerating. It was 32 degrees at the weather station at 1:30pm this afternoon. The sun was relentless, beating down on me as I mowed the lawn then continued as I dug up the pixie plot.

This morning on Breakfast, Carol said that after reaching great heights, the weather would come down with a crash. Thunder, lightning, rain, the works as the heatwave comes to a momentous end. This may well have happened somewhere else but it sure didn’t happen in Surrey. Sure, the sky became very cloudy but no sign of rain (or meatballs). In fact, it just became more humid.

I did feel a few spots on my face at around 4:30 as I finished up a bit of weeding around the snapdragons but this was it. Not enough to wet a pixie. So, after working my fingers to a frazzle, I still had to water the garden.

Mirinda and I discussed the pixie plot this weekend and decided to dig up the surrounding grass and lay down a membrane before covering it with bark chippings. The idea is to give a seamless move into the stick pile. The bark chippings will have to come later but the rest is now complete.

The pixie plot ready for the bark chippings

Obviously the membrane had to go around the existing plant but otherwise completely covers the plot. Hopefully this will stop any nasty weeds (or grass) growing up.

This just popped up on Twitter. It made me smile.

Highway Cleaning

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  1. Mirinda says:

    In case peoPle are wondering – we call it the pixie bed because G made a pixie ladder for his cairn. The garden is full of odd things he has made but the pixie bed is my favourite.

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