Melting thongs

According to the weather station, it was 38 degrees at the bottom of our garden at about 6pm tonight. Because of the temperature (it has been stifling all day) we did little more than laze around the house, waiting for the temperature to go down so we could take the poodles for a walk.

The reason this was a problem is not so much the heat but rather the fact that my thongs have glued themselves to the concrete outside. And to say we both lazed, is not entirely true…I lazed while Mirinda worked on something to do with work.

It was really too hot to do anything. In fact, it’s still pretty hot so this will be a pretty short entry.

I spent a bit of time photographing flowers today. Here’s a lobelia. I am now going to pour my poor self into bed.

A very bright lobelia on the herb table

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  1. Mirinda says:

    That blue is stunning! We love lobelias and have loads of pots of them.

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