Leaving the rain behind us

Up and about early this morning as Mirinda wanted to get a couple of hours work in before we headed home. I sat with a couple of coffees and typed up yesterday’s post before heading round the cottage locating all the bits and pieces that constantly manage to move around whenever we stay in self-catering.

Eventually 10am rolled around and I started packing the car which Mirinda had expertly reversed along the gravel track below the cottage. She’s actually getting quite expert in reversing. I’m confident that the next time we come across a French tractor on a narrow country lane, she’ll handle it without a fuss.

The girls left a couple of final presents on the common before we said goodbye to the cottage and headed for home…which was when the rain started again.

I should say how happy I was that the rain managed to hold off while I packed which, of course, I was. The fact that it rained as we drove away was merely the full stop on a generally wet and dull week. It’s necessary to note that the rain stopped as we passed through the extraordinary one way system of Crewkerne.

I’ve been through a number of one way systems before but I reckon the Crewkerne one is exceptional in it’s complexity. This, combined with the narrow and unexpected turns makes it quite the ride. Even Emma dragged herself awake in order to watch out of the window as we navigated what appeared to be an impossible route.

Unscathed, we popped out the other end and were almost immediately on the A303 and the close to direct road home.

The drive was relatively smooth going except for the last bit of the M3 where some sort of crash had occurred which held up traffic for a fair few miles. This merely gave us an opportunity to listen to The Now Show on Radio 4. It’s always a cack and a pleasure to know that political satire is still allowed in Brexitland.

Naturally we drove through Town before heading down to our street and home. I was relieved to see that it was still standing – home as well as Town. I was also relieved to see that we’d not missed the daffodil glory in the Candy bed.

Just a small bunch of the larger bouquet

After unpacking the car and making tea, I headed up the shops for essential supplies. I was going to pop into Starbucks but, being mid afternoon, the press of humanity made it impossible to get inside the door let alone have a quiet, relaxed latte. I shopped then went straight back home.

And so, the end of our first British holiday for years. Though it wasn’t really a holiday so much as work. As Mirinda said “I’m glad this wasn’t a holiday because I’d have been mighty pissed off with the weather!

Happy puppies rediscover the joys of our grass
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