Día de Andalucía

The ten week gaps between cockerpoo haircuts seem to be getting shorter. At least that’s what the puppies think, if their shaking and carrying on is anything to go by. Nevertheless, Kate dragged them off all shaggy and returned them looking and feeling beautiful, soft and deliriously happy.

Kate asked me where I was from today. When I said Sydney, she asked where. When I said the North Shore, she asked where. When I said Neutral Bay she said she worked for a year at the McDonalds on Military Road and knew Neutral Bay rather well.

What an extraordinary thing, I said. Even more extraordinary was the fact that we’d never discussed it before. (I thought the fact that she’s almost 44 even more extraordinary – in fact I refused to believe her.)

She has an aged uncle who lives at Mosman and she stayed with the family for a year during the early 90’s. She sometimes travels over for a visit though not so much since the kids were born. He and his wife live just up from Chinaman’s Beach so I knew exactly where she meant.

Speaking of Oz…before I took the girls up to Kate, I had a Skype with mum in her new home. She seemed very happy and comfortable, claiming she’d already taught the ‘girls’ how to make a proper cup of tea.

As usual, when Kate Day comes around, I have to do a lot of walking. Of course it means I get to walk by some of my favourite Farnham Park spots which makes me happy. Like this spot, for instance.

It usually looks a lot better but the day was quite gloomy after our heatwave earlier in the week. I think the heatwave must have been responsible for the plethora of bulbs springing forth from the ground everywhere. Even our front garden where these three had suddenly appeared.

Our first daffs

Everywhere else in our garden the stalks are there, the buds are threatening to appear but, so far, it’s all just greenery. In more garden news, the terrace is now beautifully clean. It might have taken three days, but it’s finished and sparkling now.

Late on, I tried taking photos of the girls. Emma, as usual, was okay…

…but Freya just kept licking my nose every time I pressed the button. I’ll have to make do with a cropped image from our walk home.

And it was Andalucia Day today! Oh, to have been in Seville. Here’s a short paragraph about it taken from the Andalucian tourist website:

This modern festival and holiday commemorates the 1980 referendum which gave Andalucia its autonomous status. The green-and-white flag is much in evidence on Andalucia Day, hanging from balconies, waving from flagposts on town halls, even painted on people’s faces. Many Andalucians have far stronger loyalty to their region than to their country Children celebrate in their schools on the previous Friday with special parties, eating a regional breakfast (orange juice and toast with olive oil), learning about local history and singing the Andalucian hymn. A ceremony takes place in the morning in the main square of many towns. The main ceremony takes place just outside Sevilla at the monument to Blas Infante located at km4 of the Seville – Carmona highway.

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