Pushbikes & Zeppelins

I learned an awful lot about Humber bicycles today. The most surprising thing was that the big metal sprocket which the chain goes around and the pedals are attached to, had a pattern which was made to resemble people. Like paper dolls, they are all attached at the upraised hands and spread feet. There are five of them. I wasn’t able to find out why but it was something they were known for.

The company doesn’t exist any more because they were bought by Raleigh Cycles a while back but the innovations they brought to the world of cycling remain. What also remains are a number of fantastic posters from the early 20th century depicting some seriously rough looking bikes with Edwardian ladies and top hatted gentlemen riding or holding them. Though, I’m quite taken with this one I found on the Net.

French girl on a bicycle and not at all shy

Purely coincidentally, a couple of records after the Humber, was a poster featuring a Continental tyre. Continental were (and still are to some extent) very big in bicycle tyre development and invention. They are a massive company and the record I’ve started will take quite a lot more work to complete. Needless to say, their car tyre business is somewhat larger and more what they’re known for. Though they are quite proud of the fact that in 1900 they made the seals for the gas bag of the world’s first airship.

These two companies started at about the same time (albeit one in England and the other in Germany) but I have no idea whether their paths crossed. Rubber being a rapidly changing industry as well as bicycling, they very well may have.

I also researched three Scottish artists…I only mention this because I might get one each week but multiple Scottish artists is a rarity for me.

At lunchtime I took a wander around the first floor among the clocks and compasses, picking out possible blips. There were a lot of kids there today. I think teachers decide Friday is a good day to take the little ones to the Science Museum. I wish they’d asked me.

I quite like the fact that they suspend huge things from the ceiling. Here’s an example. I’m not sure what type of plane it is but it sure looks like it’s about to hit that security guard. On the other hand, he doesn’t look the least bit fazed.

Plane about to land in the Science Museum

And as I left work I received a phone call from Nicktor – this is quite rare as we generally text or email. He was offered and has taken the new job! I shall now refer to him as the HR King. All hail Nicktor, the HR King.

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2 Responses to Pushbikes & Zeppelins

  1. mum cook says:

    And from us too All Hail Nicktor the HR King. wonderful news give him a yahoo from mum and dad.
    That plane does look like it is going to land on the guards head.
    love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    I’m pretty sure I don’t approve of any Nicktor hailing….

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