Crocheted modesty

This morning I set off to the shops nice and early. Mirinda was driving back from her meeting in Bath (and visit with Sophie and Tom) and I wanted to be home when she returned. So I dragged my trolley first to the butcher.

Having picked up two delicious lamb shanks and some lovely beef bones for our weekly broth, I headed up Downing Street and came across a rather odd window display. It’s a charity shop that seems to be advertising crochet as…well, I’m not sure. Maybe a new/old fad? Maybe just something to keep the private parts warm. Whatever, it’s a weird way of displaying it.

Holey underwear, Batman!

I settled myself into Starbucks and started writing yesterday’s blog post about 2nd Lieutenant Huxley when I was interrupted by my South African friends. I normally arrive as they’re leaving so it was a bit of a surprise for us all. Rather than write, we sat and chatted about what we’ve been up to. Like my upcoming trip to Queensland, they are going home to Capetown to visit her mother.

We commiserated the various things in life that are sent to try us until it was time for me to leave for Waitrose.

Lion and Lamb from the south

Back at home I went a bit mad. By the time Mirinda did get home (midday) I had the bone broth bubbling away and starting to fill the house with beefy smells. I’d also run the vac around the library and managed to wash the dog blankets from the back of Max. I’d also sorted out some admin in my office.

Mirinda, having had breakfast and therefore not wanting to join me in lunch, then told me about her DBA meeting while I ate.

One of the things that has been concerning her is how much time she has, given no-one has given her any definitive dates for handing the work in etc. This was all sorted out so she can now work out her timings for completion. Hopefully it will make things a little easier. And closer to the finale.

We then made plans for a writing week in the New Forest.

The rest of the day drifted by (Mirinda chilling, me researching) like the scent from the beef bones and then, eventually, lamb shanks.

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