I can’t believe that this is my 500th post. I’d hate to know how many words I’ve typed.

Anyway, today marked my 3rd Talking Newspaper presenter job and it went very well. I had a bit of a dream team, I should add. John & June the husband and wife team who always make me laugh (he’s a local vicar with a beard to rival Uncle Les) and Deidre who has been volunteering for 13 years, today being her final session.

We even had a bit of singing as Deidre talked about a night of music hall coming to the area soon. Apart from tap dancing, we had everything (including jelly) and Paul, the engineer, claimed it was the most entertaining recording session he’d ever had. Oh, if only they were all so fantastic.

When the recording arrives I’ll put up a couple of tracks (happy, mother?) rather than the usual one with just me on it…if I’m happy with the finished result that is.

So that was just about my day today – apart from spending two hours on the phone with the lovely Lauren who has organised our upcoming flights.

It did occur to me that I’ve not posted a shot of the back garden from the study window for ages and it’s looking particularly lush at the moment (with all the rain – and I spoke to a couple from Suffolk today who said the drought was very real). So, here it is, although you can’t see all the work I’ve been doing as it’s beyond the trees and shrubs:

The back garden from the study window

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3 Responses to 500!

  1. Mirinda says:

    The poodle path is still very clear even with the grass having grown

  2. mum cook says:

    Thank you my darling son; who was doing the tap dancing?
    Your garden is looking very nice back and front. I showed Audrey
    your new idea yesterday and she fell in love with it too, said Mirinda can sure pick them. love mum

  3. admin says:

    I said everything BUT tap dancing! And, besides, it could have been me…I did learn once…sort of.


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