Simple Sunday

Apart from roasting a delicious Welsh leg of lamb and making a spectacular cauliflower and broccoli cheese, the day was fairly uneventful. Even Mirinda had only Bob to Skype with because Fiona’s Internet is presently unconnected.

The biggest highlight of the day was playing the DVD of our honeymoon trip after dinner.

A few weeks ago I decided to have all the tapes of our shows (and honeymoon) turned into DVDs and they arrived on Saturday. I hadn’t told Mirinda and just surprised her with it. It was very funny seeing ourselves from so long ago. Though, I have to say, the highlight of the highlight was definitely the march of the fairy penguins on Philip Island.

I also watched a little bit of one of my shows (just to check it was okay) and had a chuckle at Lake being me in Tacit Stop.

There are none of me acting.

The weather was very changeable with rain then sun then all over again most of the day. Then, as the night descended, the cold began. We are supposed to have it cold for the next week which is as it should be.

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