Muddy paws

Today I met Victor. Victor was a rather excited French bulldog. He was wanting to play with the girls. Emma, naturally, gave him a withering glance then went back to her tennis ball. Freya played for a bit but, as usual, it became a bit rough and tumble for her delicate disposition. Undaunted, Victor decided he’d play with me instead.

Earlier in the day I’d chatted with a dog owner in the park. Her dog (a cockapoo) had come straight over to me, excitedly saying hello. She commented that he seemed to like me. I told her I liked all dogs and, it seemed, most dogs liked me. She claimed that dogs just know dog lovers. I’m not sure how that kind of magical thing happens but, on the whole, dogs do tend to come over to me. Admittedly, sometimes it’s just to bark at my hat or sniff my trolley.

So Victor decided I was a nice human. I was sitting on a bench and Victor thought I’d quite like his paws on my knees. This is normally fine except that Victor had been walking up the Avenue of Trees, which is very muddy at the moment.

My trackies went from grey to brown in next to no time.

Victor was walking two human women and one of them raced over, telling him off for ‘jumping’ on me. I guess you could call his bouncing on his back legs a sort of jumping. I laughed it off suggesting that if it wasn’t Victor it would be my two making me muddy.

Eventually the two women walked off and, a little while later, Victor followed them.

“Where’s Victor gone then?

But that wasn’t the biggest thing that happened today. I had an early appointment with Cacheta at Ruby Mane.

Nicely done

She certainly gives good haircuts.

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