Tuesday’s Teddy

It was quite an odd day weather-wise. It started out quite foggy as I made my slow way to the gym. Then, as I Skyped with mum, the back garden was swamped with an ice cold, blue sky and sunshine. After lunch and while I watched the second half of an episode of the South Korean TV programme I’m currently watching (Memories of the Alhambra), the sky turned grey and it seemed a bit snow-likely.

(I was pleasantly surprised with my weigh-in this morning. Since Christmas my weight has, alarmingly though possibly with reason, been going steadily upwards but this week saw, finally, a welcome downturn. Hopefully I’m back on the right track.)

When it came time to go for our walk, I stuck a tentative hand outside the front door but the weather seemed to have stabilised a bit. We joined the other regular after lunch walkers fighting the bitter breeze and threatening sky.

There then ensued a lot of the usual throwing the ball, chasing it and returning it for another throw. Even Freya joined in though I think this was in order for her to warm up given the temperature was close to freezing and her hair is scant protection being somewhat thin.

It was about an hour later that the first spots of frozen rain started hitting me (and the girls) and I decided that retreat was the better part of sensible. We headed home, stopping for a moment to play with a two year old cockerpoo called, would you believe it, Teddy.

This Teddy was a lot better behaved than yesterday’s given he just wanted to play with the girls (mostly Freya) and not come home with us. He was very bouncy and was coloured a mixture of chocolate and cream.

Back at home, safe and dry, it wasn’t long before the heavens opened and the water fell out. Freya looked at me in thanks then went back to sleep.

I spent a good hour dying my hair ahead of my hairdresser appointment on Thursday and generally did laundry. I did not leave the house again. When Richard delivered the eggs, he was sopping wet and close to shivering his beanie off. Poor Richard.

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