Teddy in trouble

Emma has started one of her mysterious, invisible seasons. Sue mentioned that she thought Emma was about to start and she was right. When Freya comes into season it’s really obvious because of the mess everywhere, with Emma it’s more her emotions.

She gets a bit ‘delicate’ and upset, pays more attention to her trouser area than is strictly necessary and finds a strange interest in boys. Of course the boys show her a lot of interest too which is what happened in the park today.

We managed to avoid most dogs, keeping a goodly distance rather than invite hormonal trouble, until we met Teddy.

Emma, Teddy and Freya

Teddy, according to his owner, has recently had the snip. In fact, he was due to have his stitches out the next day. Even so, he was still interested but, fortunately, was nothing to fear. Even so, the three of them had a great time playing together. There was a lot of running and tumbling and excited barking. Emma rarely joins in so it was nice to see.

There’s a big fluffy dog that is often in the park. It resembles its master to a ridiculous extent except that its owner is bald. Well, the dog sauntered over to see what was occurring but then, as if with nose held high, it continued sauntering off.

What’s this all about then?

Then, as we started for home, Teddy decided he’d rather stay with us. His owner and a little girl who I think was Teddy’s owner’s niece, came racing over, trying to grab Teddy. It was all a bit Keystone Cops. Eventually though, they managed to grab him and headed off as we headed to the house.

Then, as I put the key in the front door, I spotted Teddy racing down the footpath across the road, obviously looking for the girls. Concerned about cars, I called him to me. He looked and immediately came over. I managed to grab him and waited for the owner to snap a lead on him before leaving again.

All very exciting.

Interestingly, the little girl thought that Emma was just like a teddy bear rather than Teddy who was more like a fluffy towel.

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