Cold, Grim and Tagine

Both of us slept long and deep last night, waking well into the morning. This was only natural given the emotions of yesterday. (Mirinda was so drained she didn’t even notice we travelled across London on the Jubilee Line.)

I woke first on a grey and gloomy day, faint rain completing the picture. Mirinda rang for tea just before I headed out to town.

I had one of those rare treats of turning up to Starbucks shortly after the morning crowds and a smidge ahead of the lunchtime hordes. It was most satisfying, particularly giving me an opportunity to chat with everyone. Generally the crowds disallow this.

Tonight I fancied making Mirinda a tagine (a bit of comfort food) so I shopped accordingly and started cooking at about 3:30. While it’s relatively easy (all in one pot and into the oven) it does take a while.

Halfway through the final ingredients are added…

Tagine at the two hour stage

Shortly before serving, I had to pop down to the Pantry for milk and upon my return, standing outside the front door, it smelled just like a Moroccan restaurant. I have to say, this was most satisfying.

Possibly not as satisfying as Mirinda’s discovery of Etsy. She prides herself on finding the most obscure and surreal things on Etsy and her satisfaction is complete when these strange little parcels of joy turn up. For instance, this week one of those small parcels turned up containing crocheted chair leg covers.

These little covers are to avoid the legs scuffing the floor and allowing the chairs to glide across it. To make them just a little bit more surreal, they are made to look like animal feet. This might be a bit odd in most settings but given Mirinda has a fox chair and a night badger foot stool, they look perfect.

No comment

So, the tagine was perfect as was the rose Sancere we had with it.

Apropos of nothing above, here’s a video I took of the puppies this afternoon.

As you can see from the video, Mirinda did brave the cold and wet to do some gardening this afternoon. It was a lovely break (she claimed) though it didn’t look particularly pleasant.

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