Squirrel with a big brain

Yesterday Mirinda bought a squirrel proof bird feeder. She has bought them before but, so far, they pretty much fail after a while. It’s as if the squirrel just keeps trying different strategies until it hits on a successful one. We know as soon as it does because the feeder is generally on the terrace, in bits with seed all over the tiles.

Ah,” Said Mirinda in the garden centre,”This one looks good!

As soon as we got it home, she filled it up and hung it in the tree. All good. And I should explain. We don’t mind the squirrels visiting the garden. In fact Freya would lose a major source of cardio exercise if they stopped coming. Our problem with the squirrels is that they eat all the bird food and the birds go hungry.

Anyway, it all looked good.

Fort Knox

I never underestimate superior squirrel skills. They are extraordinarily adept at many, many things. It’s not just the running on a thin fence top or leaping miles or holding nuts and berries in their little paws. Though it has to be said, they are very good at all of those. Possibly one of their most amazing skills is how they seem to be able to lift bird feeders off hooks and drop them on the terrace.

And I’m not joking because this was the sight that greeted me upon my return from the gym and the shops this morning:


The little bastards, I sighed under my breath. I asked Freya how come she hadn’t been guarding it but she just wagged her tail at me. There was no point in asking Emma as she doesn’t appear to notice the squirrels at all. And, of course, we all know that whatever Emma doesn’t notice just isn’t worth noticing.

I sent the above photo to Mirinda with the message ‘Squirrel proof my arse!’ and set about remedying the situation.

The fall to the terrace had given the edges quite a battering so first I had apply some judicious plier action before I could put it back together. I then fashioned a simple yet (hopefully) highly effective safety wire. So now, while the feeder is hanging from the hook which itself is hanging from a branch, there is a secondary attachment in anticipation of another Hardly Unexpected Gravitational Event.

Of course it will only take a squirrel with the strength of a titan to prize apart the wire but I’m hoping that one is somewhere else fighting little white cockerpoos and ignoring bird feeders.

It managed to survive the day at any rate.

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