Chicken and cheese

It was pretty much just a normal Sunday today. Well, apart from Mirinda asking to be woken up early so she could get some DBA work done before her weekly Skype session.

It made little difference to my normal Sunday routine: make coffee, lie on lounge, listen to Radio 4 until the church service begins then switch over to Radio 5, get dressed and go shopping. Which is pretty much how it turned out.

On my way in, turning into Castle Street, I thought the almshouses looked a bit photogenic.

I’m amazed that the telephone box is not only still there but it also still works. I’ve even seen people use it. When across the country they are being turned into book borrowing repositories, craft display units and so much firewood, one that can be used to make a phone call is a bit of a novelty.

Back at home I slipped into the remains of the day quite easily. Mirinda finished up Skyping, we had lunch then I retired to my office to work on our library.

We went up to the garden centre at one point for Mirinda to buy some firewood and for me to try and remember what I wanted to buy at the garden centre but, otherwise it was all busy, busy bees.

Pre-spring Spring bulbs

At one stage I thought I should go and make sure that Mirinda was taking a break (she can be a bit naughty sometimes, particularly when she gets really focused) only to find that the house was empty. No Mirinda, no dogs, nothing.

I went around switching on the hygge lights then went back to my office.

About an hour later I had a Skype call from Mirinda. This was very unexpected and I thought maybe she was calling me in order to get a cup of tea. I was very, very wrong.

OPEN THE DOOR!” She yelled.

It transpired that she had forgotten to take her front door key. She had tried texting me but I’d muted my phone (she hates it making a noise during lunch). She also emailed me but, of course, I’d muted my phone. Her last resort was Skype. A good last resort as it turned out.

Of course she was very cross until I pointed out that she was the one who had left without a key. Besides, she had her book and was sitting in the car so it wasn’t all bad. Eventually she conceded it wasn’t really my fault.

We celebrated with a delicious dinner of mozarella and mustard stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon accompanied by veg under a cheesy sauce. All very yum.

Oh, and I never did remember what I wanted at the garden centre.

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