And so another Christmas Day. Another year when we remember the pagans who celebrated the start of longer days, more sun and a promise of harvests to come. To new beginnings and old endings. To the continuation of ridiculous myths and joyous gifts.

Talking about myths, a pamphlet that was forced on me at the church the other night contained a lie. It claimed that the Gospels were written mere decades after the events occurred. That is so incorrect it’s laughable. The earliest Gospel was written about 200 years after the death of Christ.

The pamphlet annoyingly quoted the Bible in its own defence while suggesting that Santa wasn’t real. I can probably find just as many books that write about Santa as if he’s real as any church pamphlet can for Jesus.

But that’s not important on a day that’s designed to show how thankful we are for all we have and, most importantly, what we’re about to stick in the oven.

Dressed, stuffed and ready for the oven

This was our Christmas turkey. I spent a little while preparing the stuffing, shoving it in and around then spreading a load of butter all over the bird. Then comes the bacon (it stops the skin burning) and, finally, the silver foil tent is erected over the top. It then went into the oven for about four hours.

I posted the photo above on Instagram and cousin Rebecca asked if it was a turkey-ducken. While I’d love a turkey stuffed with a duck, I had to tell her that the stuffing was actually pork mince.

While the turkey was heating through, I made the turkey guts gravy. Mirinda insists and the girls love the guts once I’m finished with them. So I had no choice really. I then prepared and made parma-snips (roast parsnips in Parmesan cheese), sprouts, roast pumpkin (in avocado oil) and asparagus as well as finish off the bread sauce I started a few days ago.

Soon (sort of) the turkey was ready and looked and smelled fabulous.

Totes yum! Obvs.

And it was all delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by us both.

My lunch

Then we did something we’ve never done before. We watched the Queen’s Speech (probably because we’d seen Claire Foy deliver one the other night in Series 2 of The Crown) and then stayed sitting for the Disney version of The Jungle Book. It was excellent and very interesting after we watched the Netflix version (Mowgli) just the other week.

And then, of course, it was time to cut the Christmas cake and hope it turned out okay. It did. It was wonderful. And, of course, we praised St Delia for her amazing 2004 magazine which I always use when I prepare Christmas lunch.

Christmas Lunch 2018

After a bit of a rest, we ventured out for a wander around the streets to have a sticky at the Chrissy lights on other houses in the neighbourhood. The evening was very mild with few signs of life. It was a splendid finish to our Christmas Day. Mind you, we could have done without the Hound of the Baskerville chasing us home. Bloody Alsatian!

I meant to include this short video the other day. It is a tea light with a Moomin theme spinning around. Given we had it spinning away at lunch, I figure including it here is just fine.

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2 Responses to TurkeyPigsy

  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Very Pretty, and unusel

  2. Mirinda says:

    We love the moomins!!A quiet subdued Christmas

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