Woking from home

The Surrey History Centre is currently undergoing its yearly stock take so, rather than travel into Woking, I worked from home. Just like Mirinda.

I found some interesting people (one was a right bad’en) and might write about them later but, this post is basically a catch up.

Last weekend, I took the opportunity to enjoy the hygge in the library while Mirinda worked on her DBA. She sat at her Regency desk while I read in the fox wing chair. The puppies decided where they wanted to sit.

In the Room of Intellectual Pursuits

I have to say it was very comfy and cosy.

Then, on Monday, Dawn handed me a brown paper package tied up with string. At first I thought it was a neatly wrapped packet of cocaine but, upon opening it (albeit surreptitiously) I realised it was much better.

A couple of years ago, Nicktor came up with the idea of writing a book about one season of the Shots. It was to be in the style of a cricket book and would feature, not just the games but also the fans. And, after a lot of words, many cut, some retained, he has finished it.

I’m on the extreme right of the cover photo

The title refers to where we stand to watch the mighty Shots. It’s a rollicking good read if you like a football season written about in the style of a cricket book. And my copy is autographed by the author.

I wasn’t sure that he could manage it but, by halfway through the season, I knew his OCD wouldn’t let him stop.

Well done, I say, well done. And it’s available on Amazon right here.

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3 Responses to Woking from home

  1. Past Rambles says:

    Better than cocaine and cheaper too

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    I picked you out before I checked the names it was good love mum xxx Love the one of the three of you in the chair cosy and comfey. As if I wouldant know which was you. love mum xxxxx Who is the lady in the photo .

  3. Josephine Cook says:

    I think I met Ben once when we went for coffee but I feel i know him because you were always talking about him and telling me things I feel very sad for his family worse this time of the year mum I dont know how to order on the computer so maybe you can get Denise to do it or Mitch xxxLove mum xxx


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