All a bit grey

Today was one of those ghastly, drizzly, no-sure-what-it-wants-to-do kind of day. Apart from the sun. Obviously the day didn’t want anything to do with the sun today. So it was grey and grim.

After lunch (a lovely chicken and egg thing I created) we decided the weather was going to remain dry for a walk. Or so Emma insisted. Freya wasn’t so sure. She took a look out the back and shivered slightly. She can feel rain when it’s close. I should have listened to Freya.

The park was a bit slushy meaning the tennis ball didn’t bounce much. This doesn’t mean a lot to Emma except it means she doesn’t get to catch it so much. Freya, meanwhile, just wandered around, one eye on the clouds.

And the new bench has been installed!

In loving memory of my darling wife Lynne Summerbell.
She loved Farnham and its beautiful park.

It looks lovely and new at the moment but, as noticed elsewhere in the park, it won’t take long for it to go all grey and weathered.

Then, suddenly, it started raining. Only lightly to begin with but then it started to settle in. Freya gave me a definite ‘I told you so’ look while Emma ignored it completely. We started heading back, Freya fastest of all.

It was then a case of a brisk rub down with big fluffy towels before settling down in the warm and dry. Then I did the same to the dogs.

My lovely lunch – chicken, egg, mozzarella. 

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    She is a scream that Freya its a wonder she didn’t run home and leave you and Emma to make your own way with out her, Your lunch looked great hope it tasted lovely. love mum xxxxx


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