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I was meeting Dawn in Guildford tonight so I decided to try a new (for me) Japanese restaurant beforehand. It’s called Sushi Nara and looked quite good.

The big problem with eating Japanese now is that I invariably compare the meals with my own attempts so, for that reason alone, I had a Bento Box which featured quite a bit of sashimi, sushi and tempura.

It was definitely delicious though I wasn’t convinced about the onion ring. The one thing I was disappointed in was the miso soup. Both the actual soup and the timing. I’m not sure why it didn’t come with the meal but it lacked something as well. I felt that the flavour wasn’t strong enough.

But I’m being too harsh. It was lovely and I’d like to go back and have some standalone meals, particularly the yakatori chicken.

Speaking of food, today, as well as making Mirinda some Stracciatella Soup, I tried my hand at zucchini chips (or courgette crisps depending on where you’re reading this). I prepared an entire baking trays worth. I topped them with cumin, smoked paprika and Gruyere cheese. Out of the oven and in a little bowl they lasted about 30 seconds. I was told I had to make them again.

I managed to get a shot just in time

The reason I was meeting Dawn was in order to see Kate Rusby who was performing the first gig of her Christmas Tour in Guildford tonight. Dawn and I have been seeing Kate in Guildford for years…well when we notice she’s touring anyway. 

Kate has become ‘our’ thing. So much so that Dawn has taken to calling our nights seeing her as our Kate Date. And so it is.

Kate and Damien on stage

And, as usual, the show was excellent. Kate has an amazing skill at talking to the audience like we’re old friends. She includes us as part of her big old extended family. It’s one of the reasons why I love going to see her perform.

Dawn was a bit concerned when she discovered it was a Christmas Show but the fact that all the songs were given some special Kate treatment made all the difference for even the harshest Scrooge. We also learned a lot about how many different tunes there can be to the same lyrics…particularly While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks. Of which we heard three.

Kate in her glittery dress

Of course, we thoroughly enjoyed the show and sang all the way back to Farnham where she dropped me off, happy and gay.

Biggest news is that Dawn has finally finished the first draft of her thesis. The end of the PhD tunnel is starting to shine in the distance. Also, Nicktor’s book has been produced and I managed to score an autographed copy!

Here’s a bit of Kate Chat, talking about her dogs and how she writes her songs.

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  1. Past Rambles says:

    Great Kate Date, as always. Please can you give Nicktor the courgette crisps recipe?


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