Saxy Sophie

Tonight we had our annual Hope and Gratitude Dinner where we declare hopes for the soon future while being grateful for things in the just past. It’s one of our traditional meals and, therefore, constitutes an NCD (National Carb Day – though not the entire day).

I kept trying to give Mirinda the choice of restaurant but, having narrowed the list down to four she insisted I choose. So, at about 20 to eight we headed off for Brasserie Blanc.

Perfectly subdued Chrissy Decs

And, of course, the meal was exactly what we’ve come to expect from my favourite Farnham restaurant. (Although, I keep forgetting, they do not have their white wine cold enough and I really should order red.)

For the first time we recognised someone in the restaurant. Fiona and Bruce from across the road were having a rather animated meal with two other couples.

Apart from the less than chilled Sancerre, everything was lovely and it made a pleasant change to eat food prepared by someone else…especially the pistachio souffle. And espresso martini.

Elsewhere during the day…Mirinda received a rather unexpected video and photograph from Sophie. Ages ago she told us that she was going to learn to play the saxophone. I’m not sure that I took her seriously. The video that arrived today proved me wrong.

I don’t think it would be right to include her video but I did manage to get a copy of the photograph…just to prove it.

Saxy Sophie

We’re going to visit in a few weeks and we shall insist on a private recital.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    I rekon she would be great good on her , xx

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