The only bright light in this otherwise miserable Sunday is that I just found out another Red Dwarf series is being made at the end of this year.

Raindrops in the birdbath

And in the midst of drought, the rain will drown us. The above photograph is what our back garden looks like and has looked like all day. According to the BBC weather website, it will stop sometime tonight and be cloudy but dry tomorrow. I hope so because Dawn and I are going to visit a causewayed enclosure which is definitely not under any sort of cover.

We had all sorts of plans for today but the weather put paid to them as well as Mirinda having the beginnings of a possible cold which we have attempted to nip in the bud. Fingers crossed that has worked.

Anyway, we had plans but didn’t actually do anything much except smooch around the house. But, rather than have nothing to write about, I have my thoughts on Black Swan, which we saw last night.

An odd film, I should start by saying. I’m pretty sure a ballet dancer, knowledgeable in Swan Lake would understand the film a little better than a poor layman like me. However, it soon becomes apparent that the swan in Swan Lake is two swans. The black and the white. Good and bad. Pure and filthy. They are opposites. And Nina (Natalie Portman) has to play both, in playing the one. This supposed division of personality is reflected in her real persona, to the point where we, the audience, is not sure what is real and what is Nina’s interpretation.

Filmed superbly, acted brilliantly. It is a fantastic movie and Natalie Portman is tremendous. I’d also like to comment on Barbara Hershey who plays the mother because I thought she was utterly believable. That is all I have to say.

I recommend Black Swan for the dancing, for the performances but most of all for the fact that it is a work of art.

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  1. Shell says:

    looks just like Sydney weather today 🙂 Hope you are both doing well

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