Bollards in motion

There’s a little access road in Woking. It leads off the road from the station and ends at Commercial Way. It’s always been there…well, as long as I’ve been going to Woking. A short while ago they (I don’t know who ‘they’ are but assume it was the Council) repaved it all and installed bollards where once there’d been an iron gate with a padlock.

Obviously bollards are a better idea, particularly when they go up and down once activated via a keypad. The thing is, these bollards talk. I can’t be the only person who finds this annoying. Just like the trucks that have started declaring when they’re turning left or reversing.

When people started using car alarms it was a good thing. Potential car thieves were put off by the noise and tended to scarper. These days we just find car alarms incredibly annoying and tend to ignore them. Actually, when they go off on a Sunday morning in our street I kind of wish the thief would just take the bloody thing away.

The Woking talking bollards repeat over and over and over “Warning: Bollards in motion” which while funny is going to get very wearing. I assume this is an attempt for the bollard manufacturers to protect themselves from any liability for injuring someone or something with their very slow bollards. Of course, it will make no difference to any possible litigation.

Apart from the noise of the bollards and the continuing high rise construction, a new bit of work in Woking has started.

Back when I worked in Woking (about 15 years ago) Stevie and I would sometimes pop into the Goldsworth Arms for a pint (or eight) and a few games of pool. It wasn’t the nicest pub but it made a change from where we usually went.

The pub was locally called The Goldie.

I pass the site every week I go to the History Centre. Since I started this year, the site has been hidden away behind hoardings. The building had obviously gone but as for replacement work there was none.

Then, this morning, the hoardings on the Goldsworth Road side have been replaced by Heras fencing. When I walked by two chaps were chipping away at a retaining brick wall.

When I returned in the afternoon, one chap was rebuilding the retaining brick wall while the other one was having a great time in a mini digger, levelling the ground, breaking up concrete, the usual stuff.

I have no idea what’s going to go there but it’ll probably be some form of accommodation. I can’t see it being a pub again.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Why didn’t you ask I always do that way you find out more . They are certainly doing stuff in your town. love mum xxxx

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    A Block of uints thats what all coucils put up doesnat matter where in the world. love mum xx


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