Puppy prints

It was rather chilly this morning. I always know when it’s time to wear a long sleeved t-shirt under my normal t-shirt. It’s when the frosts start turning everything brilliant white and there’s a light breeze under blue skies. Today was, eventually, like that.

So, wearing two t-shirts and a fleece, I headed up to the gym. It didn’t take long for me to unzip the fleece as I trudged the mile along the road. After my hour workout and subsequent hot shower, I feared I’d never be cold again.

This was a silly fear. The moment I walked out of the gym I had to put my fleece back on and zip it up for the walk back home.

Most of my day was spent pottering around the house, talking to mum, doing washing, cleaning up, etc. I also emailed Nicktor quite a few times as he endeavoured to organise a group of us to go to London on Tuesday night to see the Shots play at Leyton Orient.

As lunch time drifted away from view, we went up to the park so Emma could run around and Freya could chase her occasionally.

A while ago I reported on the park managers’ intention to remove three park benches. I also, later reported that one of them had had a stay of execution while the other two had gone. Well, rather than removal, the original sign should clearly have said replacement.

While the bench overlooking the Dell appears to have vanished without trace, the other one with the CSI tape around it has had a slab of concrete poured. Clearly this is for a replacement bench.

Freya checking out the slab

I rather like the puppy paw prints though feel a bit for the owners who had to remove the wet cement from the paws afterwards. I remember how bad it was getting it off Day-z when the steps were done a few years ago.

As well as the slab, there were quite a few people in the park today. That’s unusual for the time of day we go up but it was lovely seeing so many dogs. And all, I’m pleased to say, were fun and friendly.

At one stage a French bulldog decided to come over and play with the girls. Emma was a bit concerned that she would try and steal the tennis ball but I assured Emma that a French bulldog had Buckley’s chance of getting a tennis ball in its mouth. She wasn’t convinced but was polite nonetheless.

On our way home we met an eight year old Pomeranian who Freya decided wanted to play. It was lovely to see the pair of them chasing each other and generally having fun. It’s rare for Freya to find someone her own size to play with. The Pom’s owner said her eight year old didn’t play much anymore so it was great to see. We left them to it.

Then, as we approached the top of our road, a lady stopped to coo over the girls. Normally this is the signal for Emma to run away but, for reasons that will forever remain hidden, she went over and allowed the lady to stroke her. I told her she was quite honoured.

The lady told me that she loved dogs but wasn’t able to have one at the moment. Perhaps Emma knew that. I feel sorry for anyone who wants a dog but can’t have one (or two).

Dogs are the best.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    yes it is a shame dogs are good company; It is getting hotter here , love mum xx


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