I’ve seen the building called The Gherkin (there’s someone else’s photo here) from afar many, many times but, until today, I had never been near it. I was to meet Mirinda there for lunch. Well, outside rather than in it. I wish I’d taken my camera – though it was a lousy day for pictures.

I was walking from uni so figured I’d just use it as a landmark and head in its general direction. I’m REALLY glad I remembered my A-Z. From the uni, all the way to St Mary Axe, there was no sign of it. Granted I walked through the Barbican and was generally under cover but I figured when I reached London Wall I’d catch a glimpse. But, no. And then I turned into St Mary Axe.

I wondered what St Mary Axe meant too. Apparently it was the name of the medieval parish. The parish church was called St Mary’s and opposite it was a pub, the sign of which was a big axe. And that’s it. No street, road, alley, or anything like that. Just St Mary Axe. And like most things London, the church and the pub have long since disappeared.

Anyway…The gherkin is amazing! That first sight of it is close to perfection. Being so close, it’s difficult to see it all at once, but not so much you don’t appreciate the size and shape. It is cocooned in black and white metallic webbing-like diagonal stripes. Mirinda tells me that when the trees are in leaf, the green is reflected from the windows in a marvellous fashion.

Lunch was lovely – we ate at Eat – and then we walked back to the flat where I left her to make the looooong journey home to two frantic poodles. My class on Wednesday finishes at 12:50 so we’re going to try and make this a weekly lunch date. Next week I’ll remember my camera.

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2 Responses to Gherkin

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Yes please remember your camera, as the Gherkin sounds really good and a must see. Thought you went to class Monday and Friday. love mum

  2. admin says:

    This semester I went and picked an elective that teaches on Wednesday mornings! Damn it. So, Mon, Wed, Fri until after Easter.


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