Hidden carbs

After the miserable weather of yesterday, today was gloriously blue and dry. It was a pity Denise left yesterday.

Still, the weather was perfect for me given I had an early Talking Newspaper this morning. And so, happy and dry, I left the house at 8am.

After complaining that no one in Starbucks appeared to miss me while I was in Spain, Sue immediately asked where I’d been when I dropped in for my coffee this morning. There would have been a noticeable skip in my step afterwards if only I could skip.

I had a good team today with the ever reliable Nina and Tricia and the deliciously insane David S. In fact David started off in the manner in which he intended to continue with his cryptic response to my query after his health.

Me: And how are you David?

David: I really have no idea.

Me: (laughing)

David : And I have a leaky tap in my bath!

But, as well as all the frivolity, there was a moment of panic when we realised the engineer, Pete was quite late.

This marks a new moment in my FATN career. I’ve never had an engineer not turn up.

I rang Pete, after ringing Tony for his number, and surprised him with the news that he was supposed to be with us in the studio. His one word response (“SHIT!”) more or less summed up his thoughts on the matter.

He claimed he’d written down the wrong edition. Whatever the reason we all had a jolly good laugh and waited for him to race over.

Meanwhile the other groups made a lot of mileage out of his no-show. It was all very funny.

After all was said and done, the recording went very well and basically, we finished at the time that we are scheduled to finish by.

And then I went home.

At home I decided to clean the fridge out and discovered something very disturbing.

Now call me simple but I figure that a bag of grated cheese will only have the one ingredient. Cheese. However, I was wrong.


Looks like I’ll have to stop being lazy and grate my own…without the potato.

It also shows how constantly vigilant one has to be.

And just because, here’s a short, odd little video of the mobile that Denise gave me for my birthday.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    what is that that Denise gave you for your birthday.


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