Today I finished my fourth assignment for my masters and the last one from last semester. It was with a great relief that I clicked the ‘are you sure you want to submit this assignment’ button on the uni website. And now, having completed a Domain Analysis of the archaeological museum sector, I feel replete. Now to concentrate on THIS semester.

And yet more news…for a break this afternoon, I dug a hole and planted the weather station pole in it. With another bag of instant cement, I tamped it down. Voila, there’s another pole in the garden. What with the obelisks and the two upright structures, our back garden is starting to look a little like the New York skyline! I’ll now have to wait for Thursday to set up the weather station.

I have an early start tomorrow so it’s only a short entry tonight.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    cant wait to see the New York skyline request a photo please when finished. love mum

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