A century

The title is not a reference to yesterday’s amazing win by the English cricket team at Cardiff…although it was pretty amazing and I wish I’d been there on the last day. No, the title refers to the anniversary of the launching of the Titanic.

100 years ago today, in Belfast, the completed SS Titanic was set adrift, ready to sail the world. It was an incredible achievement which would be heralded for at least 11 months before it ended up…well, we all know where it ended up.

Actually I read a book about marine archaeology years ago when I was studying for my undergrad degree, written by the guy who found the Titanic. His name is Robert Ballard and the book is The Eternal Darkness. I recommend it as a jolly good read, if you enjoy explorers reaching places where man has not yet trod (or sunk, in this case). I should add the warning that I have heard unfavourable reviews about it as well. Not that I care. I enjoyed it.

Anyway, according to a reporter on breakfast this morning, when quizzed about the sinking of the great unsinkable Titanic, Irish workers all shake their heads and say “It was fine when it left here!

Most of today was spent completing the mowing strip around the new, extended bed which now links the hot border with the rest of the garden. Here’s a before and after photo of it:

It was a long hard day but the finished product made it all worth it. And I didn’t have to do it all alone. Naturally the poodles helped me by guarding the hornbeam from marauding squirrels. To be honest I’m not really certain how this is supposed to help me but they assured me it was necessary.

I’m not actually sure why but the pair of them stood (and sat) beneath the hornbeam for most of the day just looking up. I tried to spot the offending beastie but, if I know the poodles, it had already gone and they were waiting for nothing. I think I heard distant laughter coming from the conifer which may have been a squirrel.

I also promised mum and dad a picture of our giant, mutant lavender so here it is:

!!!!!NEWS FLASH!!!!!
Just before the 7 o’clock news on Radio 4 tonight, a very solemn man came on and announced that the ‘pip’ machine, which had been ‘pipping’ the hours before the news for years, had died and would ‘pip’ no more. He claimed that the BBC had thought about using an alternate sound (like a chime or a mobile phone tone) but had decided on a respectful silence instead to mark the passing of the revered machine. And so a moments silence and then the news. Genius.

Apparently there was a problem at 5pm. Hear about it here. And they are so much a part of this country that there was immediately a column about it. You can read it here.

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2 Responses to A century

  1. Mirinda says:

    The bed looks fab! Now we have to plant it up. What fun!

    Pips v sad. Will there never be anymore?

    I think u shld retake the lavender with a poodle for scale. It doesn’t look big enough.

  2. mum cook says:

    Wow!!! that is a big bush. I don’t think I have seen a lavender as big. Bet the perfume is lovely. Your garden is really beginning to look great after all your hard work.
    love mum

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