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Today was all about preparation for a trip down to Battle in order to go to Caen tomorrow on the Short Weasel Holiday.

There was shopping to do so that Mirinda would not be like Old Mother Hubbard in my absence and washing so that the sheets were nice and clean and air dried on the line.

Of course there was packing but that was the second last thing I did. Oh, and put the line away, which was the third from last.

The girls insisted on a walk of course so we headed up after lunch, spotting signs on the three benches closest to us. Naturally I had to find out what it was about.

The aforementioned sign

For reasons unexplained the ranger is planning to get rid of the three benches. The sign does not say ‘replaced’ it states categorically that the benches will be ‘removed.’ Well, unless one has an ‘affiliation’ that is.

One of the benches has a small plaque on it, reminding us that someone once sat there enjoying the solitude and sunshine but had since shuffled off to a less leafy place. I think this is what the sign means by ‘affiliation.’

And now, of course, I just want to know why.

Back when I was having trouble walking, I’d sit on the middle of the three benches because it was nice and convenient. It’s the same bench upon which an elderly chap spends quite a lot of his day watching everything that happens.

It’s not like they’re unused. There’s also a young chap who spends his lunchtimes on one of them eating his sandwiches.

Anyway, leaving the benches, I eventually took the girls to Sue before leaving myself for the station. The park was very bright with the dipping sun.

The glow betwixt the trees

And then, to Battle I went.

The trip down was pleasant enough. I worry that it’ll be mostly unpleasant with hordes of disgruntled commuters tutting about my suitcase as I struggle in and out of carriages. But, no, it’s always fine. Plenty of seats and everyone ignoring me.

John met me at Battle Station and drove me to Platt Towers where much hilarity ensued and half a cow carcass devoured.

Always the perfect host, John made sure we were well fed and watered before turning to bed.

There’ll be much driving to do tomorrow.

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