Twinned pairs

It was a plug that had been put in the wrong slot by the engineer on Monday. The engineer who arrived today at about 8:30 found the problem by eliminating everything bit by bit and replacing each bit with another one that worked until all he had left was the cabinet in the street. And that’s where he found it.

Why it worked at all is a mystery to everyone but, finally, it’s all working again. And it does seem faster. The TV is back as it should be as well. But I don’t care about that. I’m just happy I can get back online. I felt like I was in Venice again! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I feel like I have to play a bit of catch-up. Yesterday’s post was in a hurry at work, between researching various people and places and was, therefore, rather short. It forgot to mention the fact that I went to the Farnham Maltings on Thursday night with Dawn to see Tom McConville, the Newcastle Fiddler.

He was fantastic. I’ve never seen someone play fiddle and sing at the same time but he manages it with ease. A very talented musician and very entertaining man. Although, as Dawn pointed out, he did bear a striking resemblance to Victor Meldrew.

Playing guitar next to Tom was a young guy who looked a lot like Keanu Reeves. His name is David Newey and he was fantastic. He has that amazing skill whereby the guitar sounds like it’s playing two different tunes at the same time. And it works. They both complimented each other very well.

They played in the Riverside Cafe at the Maltings, a very intimate venue which serves TEA, as Dawn’s blip shows clearly. It was an enjoyable evening, one which I hope to repeat in the future.

I’m off to the Globe with the Weasels tomorrow to see All’s Well That Ends Well or As You Like It…I can’t remember.

I made this short video at the beginning of the week but haven’t been able to upload it. So here it is now:

I can’t believe someone searched the Internet for this: can sheep climb trees. Jolly funny.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Wow!!! At last you have it all fixed. The film of Badgers wood is lovely. You are so lucky living so close to all the woods; much prettier then the canal. Got some news for you but tell you Tuesday love mum xxxxxxxxx

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