And so it goes on

Still without any Internet at home. I was called by the escalated level person yesterday afternoon and was told an engineer would come out on Saturday morning and fix it. Although I told the guy that someone had already ascertained that the issue was with BT and not in our house, he insisted that an engineer needed to visit. So now someone has to remain in the house from 8am-1pm on Saturday.

What really got up my goat was the fact that I returned home yesterday to a total of six messages from them. Three of them were celebrating the fact that our Vision TV was now happily transferred to the new Infinity drive and should be working.

These messages were not appreciated as the Vision box is still dead and will not show any sort of sign of life before the hub is working. I don’t know why. I’m beginning to think that once I have the Internet working, I’ll have to phone them about the Vision box.

Apart from my BT woes, a load of bricks arrived today, in preparation for the new mowing strip I’ll probably start on the weekend. I ordered 100 and they sent 108 – can’t argue with that! And the guy who delivered them was a lovely chap.

During the day I watched Oh, Brother Where Art Thou by the Cohen brothers. What a fantastic film! It’s a retelling of Homer’s Odyssey in the American depression. A highly recommended film for anyone who likes a clever, funny film with George Clooney in it. It has entered my top films list.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Aah but as it turned out the engineer did have to visit …..

    Bricks are all battered reclaimed ones – I love them

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