Tiles done

Given that the weather was forecast to be lovely today, I decided to stay home and finish the terrace. It was the right call.

Okay, I didn’t get to start Panel 4 of the Farnham War Memorial but Kirsty sent me a pdf digital version so I could make a start during next week before returning to work NEXT Friday. I feel that’s reasonable given the fact that if I hadn’t finished the terrace today it would continue to look half finished for about six months.

By the time  Mirinda came home, I had only two rows left and they were quickly completed with the result looking immaculate.

Lovely tiles

I also had a lovely day listening to the second day of the fourth test. TMS and tile washing are the best companions on a not too hot but basically still summer’s day.

Naturally I went to the gym first thing and shopping and the park with the girls but other than those things my day was spent head down, arse up scrubbing away like a demented Sadie.

My favourite tree looking all Blyton-esque
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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    I wrote in the other part you started with the tiles, but never mind they look new don’t leave them so long next time wont be such hard work. thought your boss name was Heather not Kirsty oh well. love mum xxx

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