Today was glorious. Just perfect for hanging washing on the line and scrubbing the terrace tiles. The washing dried as it should and the tiles took a bit longer. Still, the result was worth the effort.

End of the day clean

Test Match Special, broadcasting the first day of the fifth test between England and India was a big help. The English batting collapsed early in the day but had a sort of mini-recovery late on. India will bat tomorrow.

I decided that if it isn’t raining in the morning I’ll stay home and finish rather than go into Woking this week. It just looks so much better that I’d rather it was complete.

The other complete thing at our house is Freya. She seems to be completely over whatever was ailing her. She managed to jump onto my lap and even Leapt for Lunch, something she hasn’t done for ages. She also chased Emma in the park a few times.

Much better

She looks a bit wistful in the photo but that’s because she had to put up with numerous attempts at a selfie. This is another indication of her well-being having returned. She has to be one of the worst posing dogs I’ve ever known. Still, as long as wistful is a look that works I’ll take it.

The park was quite busy today. I’m quite looking forward to next week when a lot of the kids have gone back to school. That should reduce the numbers somewhat. Mind you, it’s not that bad just a little bit crowded.

Not another soul in sight

Mirinda didn’t come home tonight as she has to interview a few new PAs tomorrow, to fill in for Rowena. Mirinda is Murphy Brown when it comes to PAs and I have to say I feel kind of sorry for them.

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2 Responses to Scrubber

  1. Denise says:

    Ha ha ha me too

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    So glad Freya is better if she is jumper about she must be hope what ever it was doesnt come back. Glad I am not going for a job then hahaha. Love mum xxxxx

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