Independent puppy

Today in the park we met an inquisitive Jack Russell. I didn’t catch his name so I’m going to call him Jack.

Jack seemed to be very independent. He didn’t have an obvious owner. A chap who I think WAS his owner walked by us in the Avenue of Trees. He was carrying a retractable lead which was a clue.

A long way behind him was Jack, sniffing something at the base of a tree. The man didn’t look back once to check where Jack was. Just behind Jack was a woman with a dog of her own: A cocker poo called Henry who looked like a larger version of Emma before her first haircut.

Henry just had to have a sniff of Freya and Emma so he dragged the woman over to us. He felt very soft and was ridiculously cute. We chatted for a while then she dragged Henry off – he was reluctant.

Then Jack joined us.

Jack the Lad

His legs were too short for him to leap onto the bench with my two who were there for safety and dominance reasons. They always do this when another dog approaches. It gives them a real feeling of superiority.

Eventually, Jack decided he should go and find his owner. I looked down the Avenue of Trees and the chap I assumed was his owner was a very long way away. Jack, clearly knowing something I didn’t, headed off in a different direction.

I watched him head off wondering if I’d been mistaken. I threw the ball for Emma a few times. Then I noticed the chap I thought was the owner walking along with a tiny dot next to him. Even from the great distance I could see it was Jack. Obviously a dog that knows his own mind.

Meanwhile, Freya continues to improve. She is still a bit hesitant with jumping but at least she can now do it. She still sleeps for great swathes of the day but, then, she always has.

She’s also back to eating with the same level of enjoyment she’s always had. When she rejected the Twistie stick of late I thought she was a goner but this morning, as I left for the gym, she snatched them out of my hand almost faster than I could get them out of the packet.

Speaking of food…I was very happy with my lunch today. It’s just a salad but it does feature the wonderful pickled asparagus and goats cheese I picked up at the market on Sunday.

Mmmm lunch

For dinner I had free range duck breast (presumably it was attached to a free range duck at some stage) on a bed of spring veg. I didn’t bother photographing it. It was delicious.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    That was very funny the dog with the own’er that kept walking on. your lunch looked very nice I wont worry about the dinner. love mum xxx

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