Rather annoying

Being a Tuesday I was up, dressed and out by 07:10 and headed for the bus stop. I then switched to a train or two and wound up in Portsmouth.

As usual I announced myself and walked through to the security booth where I was told my name wasn’t on the list. Heather often forgets so I just told them to give her a call.

Half an hour later, still waiting, I gave her call. Eventually I told the security person I was going for a wander and would give Heather another call later.

After being at the dockyard for an hour I rang again with the same result. I told security that if Heather was looking for me they could tell her I’d gone home.

And so I did just that. The same assortment of transport later, I walked into the house just in time to feed the girls lunch then go for a walk.

A somewhat wasted morning though the afternoon was spent in various household tasks which included scrubbing the terrace.

Much nicer

I emailed Heather, trying to discover what happened. I can only assume there was some sort of emergency and hope that she’s okay.

At least the girls had a walk and the day was lovely.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Gee that was weird what a waste of money and time. Did she ever get back to you.love mum xxx

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