Sunday rain

Neil Simon died today! He brought me so many laughs. My directorial debut was a production of The Good Doctor, a series of dramatised stories written by Anton Chekhov and adapted by Simon. Then, a few years later, I directed (and starred in) Plaza Suite which, again, was very funny. He wrote so many plays. He was 91. 

Nothing like great play-writing or death in Farnham today. Actually, it didn’t stop raining all day so, apart from going shopping and getting wet, we didn’t leave the house. I say ‘we’…Mirinda didn’t leave the house at all.

It was market day today so I wheeled my trolley between the various covered stalls, buying the essentials like Sussex Charmer, TEA and free range duck breasts and, most important, some fantastic pickled asparagus. The pickle man wasn’t at the market last month so I was very much in need of his product this time.

Walking back, I tried to walk down the path that cuts behind the East Street development but the path has been closed to all feet. They are presently building a bridge for the trucks and various other bits of machinery to access the site. This means crossing the river as well as various other things not conducive with people walking.

I ended up retracing my steps and cutting through Victoria Gardens which, thankfully, has avoided the demolition team’s hammers.


Where once was a swimming pool

And, of course, a walk back on Market Day would not be complete without an update on the Swain and Jones site. While it’s progressing slowly, it is, at least, progressing.

I see a roof!

Back at home I tried another keto recipe I found on Instagram. This time I made the misnamed avocado crisps. I say that because they are not crisp at all. They are, however, avocado rich and delicious as a salad accompaniment.

Very cheesy too

For dinner, Mirinda had asked for moussaka so I was chained to the kitchen for most of the afternoon. Not that I minded. The moussaka is totally worth it. I also got to use my new mandolin slicer which cuts aubergine like a dream.

Meanwhile, Freya continues to vie for the title of laziest dog in the world.

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2 Responses to Sunday rain

  1. Denise says:

    I’ll have to try your moussaka next time I’m over x

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    They are getting on with all your building stuff I see. thank goodness Freya is feeling better love mum xxxx

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