The big two oh

As part of her DBA, Mirinda has been interviewing graduates. In order to gather statistics the intention is to reduce the interview transcriptions to qualitative data using a software tool. Finding enough respondents is always difficult but she has been hopeful she could manage 20, the number her supervisor suggested she aim for.

This week (Friday in fact) she reached 20 graduate students and was overjoyed. While she has already started with the coding and shuffling, she can almost see the end of the doctoral road.

To celebrate this amazing milestone, we went to dinner to the restaurant of her choice. Perhaps surprisingly, she chose Bel and the Dragon at Churt.

Bel & the Dragon

I’ve never really thought about the name of the restaurant but tonight I overheard a waitress telling a diner that it comes from the Bible. After a very short search I have discovered that it refers to a narrative about Daniel (he of the lion’s den).

Bel refers to a pagan statue which the priests claimed was alive because it ate daily offerings. Daniel uncovers the ruse and the priests (and their families) who were the actual people eating them, were all put to death by the king because of it. The second story tells how a dragon was threatening a town and Daniel made some exploding cakes which the stupid dragon ate…then exploded.

Both of these stories were not included in the Protestant Bible because the old Jews who were responsible for collecting together the ‘words of god’ didn’t like them very much, preferring to give Daniel the lion story instead and scrapping the other two.

If anything, the Bel story is a brilliant evocation of deist denial and I can see why it was removed, however, the dragon story is as funny as many other stories and should have remained. If you ask me. And there is a precedent if you consider the Turkish St George and how he defeated one.

What that has to do with the restaurant, however, I do not know. Fortunately the food doesn’t explode after eating and the food isn’t stolen by priests. Or their families. The place doesn’t appear to be either religious or sensible so it’s a mystery. Just like the Mystery of Faith.

Apart from anything Biblically challenging, dinner was delicious, particularly the espresso martini (still the best I’ve ever had). I had mostly fish including an amazing poached salmon with miso crust atop an avocado salad.

Totally yum

Speaking of avocado, and as an aside, today, upon returning from the shops and wondering what to make for lunch, I happened to watch a recipe video on Instagram. It was sliced avocado with an egg and cheese, fried and then sprinkled with bacon. It was so lovely. And very simple to make.

Also lovely was my morning coffee with Lizzy. She’s working all the hours possible and is pretty exhausted during the week so our coffee morning has changed to a Saturday before her spin class. As usual, it was a delight.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Who is Lizzy ? YES your lunch looked good. Love mum xxxx

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    Glad your food didn’t explode after you had eaten it. lol xxxxx

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