The end

And so, the start of the long journey home.

First we had to pay for the electricity we’d used so I had to deal with the Dillons. Meanwhile, Mirinda managed to seal the cats piss room so it would be obvious for the next tenant.

Then into Sidmouth to try for the Enid Blyton book. Success!

Back on the road, we didn’t get far before suddenly cars backed up for yonks. Poor Neville was starting to overheat so a quick detour via the coast and a much nicer route. We had no more problems to Ringwood where we stopped for lunch again, after dodging a marching band in Waitrose car park.

The woman on the right is clearly very interested

For our final run home, the traffic was fine until we hit the M27 and suddenly there’s three lanes stopped dead. Then a gradual crawl. Then stop. This went on for a few miles (poor Neville). It was a crash that, while it didn’t seem serious, involved a boat and so blocked two lanes. At one point we saw what looked like a shrew dash across the road. Neville managed to keep his cool.

Finally arrived at Farnham, shopped then eventually home at 4:30pm.

We had a lovely holiday which included very little sleep and will henceforth be known as the Cats Piss Fiasco at Boswell Farm.

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