Healthy Scepticism

Tonight was our second Humanist meeting. I can report that it was about a million percent better. In fact, I’m pretty sure my wife would say that there’s really no comparison. Actually, she even asked a question! Great stuff it was too.

Our speaker was James Thomas from the Winchester Skeptics in the Pub and he told us about how the Skeptics started and flourished. He was terribly excited about everything and his passion was obvious.

I’ve read about and listened to the Skeptics already so I wasn’t completely in the dark. Reading Ben Goldacre and his Bad Science column in the Guardian helps as well. Basically, they debunk things. Generally dangerous things but also things that people just accept as true because they’re told by someone in authority that they are. It’s all very healthy and the whole Skeptic movement tries to keep the big boys honest. It’s not easy and generally not very successful but at least they meet in pubs.

Speaking of pubs…earlier in the day we popped up to Odiham to find out if St John’s has closed. And sadly it has! It looks like they’ve gone bankrupt. Heavy hearted we went across the road for lunch at Next Door at the George and watched the windows in the window…if you know what I mean. ‘Tis indeed a sad day. We will need to find somewhere else to eat well.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Oh what a shame but sure you will find something. Glad your meeting was better

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