A right pickle

I remember my grandfather making beetroot many years ago. He would boil them up in a big old saucepan then pickle them somehow. Like grandma’s pickled onions, the beetroot packed a mighty punch.

Well, this morning in Waitrose, I noticed they had bunches of fresh beetroot so, on spec, I bought one and, once home, I pickled my first batch.

Mind you, I didn’t actually cook the beets. I peeled, trimmed and cubed them. Then I warmed up a liquid mix of cider vinegar, filtered water, peppercorns and cloves before putting everything in a jar to sit, open on the work bench to cool down. It then went into the fridge.

Just before dinner I tested a piece. I really wish I’d bought a few more bunches.

Not too tart and nice and crunchy

Actually, there was a fair bit of cooking today. I wanted to try a baked egg in a courgetti spaghetti nest (a recipe I spotted on Instagram) so I did. We had one each for lunch along with our usual Chez Gaz salad. They were delicious. An excellent lo-carb idea and so easy to make. Of course I added cheese. And bacon.

Egg in a nest

Mirinda spent most of the day booking our flights and accommodation for Spain. I’m in charge of the spreadsheet and transport. The usual division of labour when it comes to holiday travel in our house.

As well as sourcing hotels, Mirinda also started putting together her Pixie garden in the old herb table. She has yet to get some dwarf conifers so she can create a wood in one corner but I reckon it’s coming along nicely. I particularly like the path.

A park for the Pixies

Apparently I have to build a little stone cabin for the Pixies to use in the wet.

For dinner I made Persian style roast chicken with lo-carb cauli cheese and griddled broccoli with a very chilled gazpacho soup beforehand. We also had a lovely, crisp French Chablis.

While I love Hygge in the winter months, eating al fresco on the terrace in Clive’s Corner is delightful as well.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    That sounds lovely I can almost taste them . remember Gdad doing that. and gma doing pickled onions yum. love mum xx

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