Fennel falling

Today, upon our return from the park, Boris was so thirsty that he tried to swim in the water feature. I didn’t manage to get a shot of him with his front paws submerged in the bowl but I did get him trying to eat the water bubbling out.

This video has convinced Sophie to have a water feature installed in her new garden.

While on the subject of water…the torrential rain on the weekend claimed a victim in the garden. This was how the fennel looked a few weeks ago…

It was in the wrong place. It would have fared a little better being up against the fence and, in fact, that’s where it started years ago, but when things plant themselves they don’t always know best. Subsequently this is how it looked at the beginning of the week.

Collapsed fennel

I tried to straighten it up but the top heavy thing wouldn’t have it. I cut the whole thing back prior to uprooting it. Cutting back a fennel has to be one of the more enjoyable garden tasks given the delightful smells.

Plants aside (I also fixed the wild rose to the arch a little more firmly) the day was basically spent looking after Boris. He doesn’t seem to get the idea that the garden is better staying outside the house as he dags bits and pieces into the extension on an almost hourly basis.

He also has no idea what time to get up in the morning. This morning, for instance, I was suddenly shocked to full wakefulness when he decided to poke me in the face with his cold, wet nose.

Being a big dog, his head is level to mine when I’m lying down. He’d clearly decided he’d had enough sleep and wanted to go to the toilet and figured the only way to accomplish this was to wake me up. At least he didn’t bark. The cold, wet nose alarm is slightly better.

Leaving the girls asleep on the bed, I took Boris downstairs where he immediately went up the back of the garden to go to the toilet. His toilet training has been very good though he doesn’t cock his leg like normal male dogs (and our two) rather he squats. I have no idea how you train a dog to do that.

While Boris was outside, I looked at the clock on the wall. It was just before 5am. I collapsed onto the lounge and snoozed for a bit, gradually joined by two cockerpoos.

The rest of the day was spent recovering from the morning alarm.

The walk in the park was the highlight of our day with Boris making lots of new friends and generally having fun. He did manage to snatch a tennis ball off a poodle which I managed to retrieve from his mouth and return. Then, in a strange act of deference, he chased an overweight cocker spaniel which was, in turn, chasing its own tennis ball. Boris reached the ball ahead of the spaniel but just sat in front of it, waiting for the other dog to pick it up. Very peculiar.

I also noticed today that Boris is showing Emma due deference. I don’t how she’s managed it but he lets her eat and drink first and generally gives her plenty of space. Not so poor Freya but then no-one ever shows poor Freya deference which is probably why she spends so much time on my lap.

Three explorers

Our walk through Badger Wood caused a lot of excitement as all three dogs went exploring and running around like children on red drink.

Today was the last full day with our house guest as Sophie is returning for him tomorrow at lunchtime. While I won’t miss the cold nose in the face anytime soon, I’ll miss his big dog cuddles.

Boris and me

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  1. mum says:

    He is such a smiley dog I can say you wont be the only one who misses him your two will wonder where he has gone. love mum xxx


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