Temperate Stupidity

An 84 year old man rang his daughter this afternoon, complaining about getting heatstroke. He’d felt a bit woozy, had an upset tummy and was generally feeling awful so he went to his doctor. The doctor diagnosed heatstroke immediately. Concerned, the daughter asked the man what he’d been doing.

All I did was play a round of golf!” Complained the man.
What time of day?” The daughter asked.
Lunchtime. As usual. You know I always play at lunchtime.” The old man replied rather irritated.
Did you have any water with you?
I never take water with me! Why would I take water with me?

I dare say there’s a lot of people in Britain at the moment suffering from this complete disregard and ignorance of the power of the sun. I’m going to call it Temperate Stupidity because, obviously, it stems from the general weather in this country being, more or less, temperate for such a long time.

Temperate Stupidity isn’t just for the hot summers. Not when you consider the mayhem that a bit of snow causes, something the Nordic countries find extraordinary. Or continuous, torrential rain. Or strong winds. Or anything out of the ordinary.

The park

But this is more about the heat that we’re suffering through at the moment. Yes, it’s unbearably hot. Yes, it’s humid and close and awful. And yes, the Brits have no idea how to cope.

A lot of English men, for example, think they are going be cooler if they take their shirts off. Ignoring the facts that these chaps are generally paler than milk and not exactly what you’d call the body beautiful, they seem to take no notice of the example of the rest of the world.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but…A loose, light coloured, cotton shirt will keep you cooler than no shirt at all.

And hats. Hats should never have gone out of fashion. Hats on balding heads can prevent a lot of discomfort and boiled brains…what brains there are. They also create shade around the face and people should understand that shade is cooler than sunshine.

The path

Today I saw a lot of Temperate Stupidity from a father in the park with no shirt and two small children with no hats and pale skin, to a group of women and their babies sitting on a blanket in the full sun. (To be fair, I also saw another group of women with their babies sitting on blankets in the shade between the trees but they were probably Australians.)

And the number of people walking dogs without having any water for them is ridiculous. Our two drink an entire bottle of water halfway through our walk. Even so, when we get home, they flake out on the terrace looking for any bit of cold they can find. Emma even lies on the hose, trying to absorb the cold through the tube.

Somethings that truly love the heat are the hollyhocks. We planted one in the front garden which appears to be a double. It’s delightfully white and powder puffy. Gorgeous.


Speaking of the garden…I planted some things in pots today once the sun had disappeared behind the house which made the toil bearable. Most of the rest of the day was spent editing Nicktor’s book which, by the time I went to bed, was finished.

And, while I’m recording things that happened today, Lizzy graduated. Well done, Lizzy.

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  1. mum says:

    Yes I agree they have no idea what is hot till they start to dehydrate then feel like being sick head achy and all the rest. love mum xx

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