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This morning, just before I left for the shops, I spotted a short video which had been uploaded to Instagram by a woman I follow. She writes cookbooks, acts, travels the world, loves food, etc, etc. She’s quite amazing particularly with her recipes which feature good, fresh ingredients and with no fuss methods. Her website is here.

Anyway, proving the ‘no fuss’ in her bio, I noted down the ingredients I’d need to make her kale and ricotta baked eggs with Parmesan and oregano and memorised the method. Back at home, after Mirinda had finished Skyping, I whipped two of them up.

They require a maximum of ten minutes cooking time and about the same in putting them together. Easy peasy and bloody delicious. I’m going to make these again.

Speaking of cooking…given we haven’t been home for ages, I thought it would be nice to have a roast for dinner. Mirinda didn’t even think about her choice.

Pork with green butter!” She emphatically stated.

So that’s what I made. And I have to say, it was pretty damn good. As was the Chez GazPacho I made as a cooling entree.

I know it probably doesn’t sound like it but today was, basically, a laze around the house day. We feel like we haven’t stopped for months (because we haven’t) so today was our reward.

Mirinda took the girls to Frensham while I cooked and sang Deep Purple songs very loudly.

What a perfect day.

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