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After the longest time (we reckon it’s probably around 18 months) Mirinda has come down with a cold. Our better living regime has helped keep her healthy but eventually, the common cold gets us all. And, before anyone thinks it was because I had a cold last week, in my defence, I had mine on Sunday and her’s didn’t turn up until the end of the week. I have no idea how long a cold can lay dormant but I’d say it wouldn’t be five days.

Anyway, because of quarantine restrictions, Mirinda stayed in bed for a lot of the day except for when she was lying on the sun lounge, on the terrace, in the sun, covered in cockerpoos. She had a lovely easy day. I reckon if there’s a good side to having a cold it has to be the fact that you get to laze around and just chill. Given Mirinda’s job, that has to be a great thing.

However, there was no lying around for me. After shopping (food and drugs) I made lunch then took the girls to the park…

…where Freya discovered a giant version of herself. It was an exact replica although blown up (and a male). Even her brown ears and the little patch on her back matched. It was quite weird. His owner was equally amazed. Freya was just freaked. Emma didn’t care at all given she was looking after her tennis ball in the shade.

Back at home, I headed into the garden to finish the long waiting plantings that didn’t happen because of my ultra busy week.

With Radio 5 Live commentating the World Cup through my Little Red Speaker, I weeded around the obelisk in the Hot Border (some nasty, nasty nettles) before putting in six sweet peas around the base. It was then onto Mirinda’s tool shed which needed a bit of silicone sealing around the gaps that shouldn’t have been there. I then hit the Garden of One Thousand Yaps with six foxgloves, dotting them around the existing foliage.

Satisfied, I sat with a beer in Clive’s Corner, enjoying my work and listening to the end of the Mexico v South Korea match from Russia. It sounded like a definitive Mexico win with a consolation goal to the Koreans in the dying moments of the game. Even though it was a bit one sided, it sounded very exciting.

Where’s my beer?

Eventually, after Mirinda woke up and had a relaxing bath, we had dinner (Thai green curry chicken) before watching The Bridge.

For Mon

Speaking of Mon…she had another fair in Essex today and, by the look of things, it went very well. Hopefully the Purple Elephant will have another great showing tomorrow as well.

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