Ships and boys

If there’s a worse WiFi than the one on South Western Railways, I really do not want to use it. I use it on Tuesdays on my way to Portsmouth mainly because the 4G signal isn’t consistent. I don’t know why I bother.

The WiFi is ridiculously slow and half the time doesn’t save the work I’ve done to the point where I have to copy and paste all my work before saving. It’s pretty much pointless.

Still, worse things happen at sea, apparently, and it’s only a little wave on an otherwise flat ocean.

Drawing of the Victory

I spotted the drawing above just inside the room full of bookshelves at the dockyard library today. It’s an original and beautiful. I think the signature is Patrick Hamish and it’s dated 76 (could be 18 or 19).

Today saw me complete the bookcase I started on my first day. I’d sort of timed it so I’d finish today given I won’t be back for three weeks. (I can’t go next week because Heather is on holiday, then we’ll be in France.)

I can’t say I’ll miss all the naval manuals I’ve worked on over the last few Tuesdays, from below decks to the officers mess. While one of each is interesting when you start to reach double figures, it can get slightly tedious.

As tedious as it may have been, it was still fun and it’s always nice to complete a section of something. I have no idea what I’ll be working on next. It would be excellent if it was shipbuilders…

One thing I did come across was my favourite ever preface :

From how to be an officer of the watch manual

Funnily enough, I generally use the preface to construct an abstract. This one did not help very much at all.

The trip home was punctuated by a group of rowdy male teenagers returning from some sort of school excursion. They had a teacher with them who, when the noise became too loud would give a simple instruction of “Easy boys,” or similar and they’d immediately be quiet. For a bit. It was like watching an expert dog handler handling a pack of boisterous beagles.

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  1. mum says:

    Very interesting that’s a teacher who has control . love mum xx

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