Travelling by plane

Apparently when you change planes in Hong Kong for a flight that continues to America you have to have extra security checks which involve an interview. Yet another reason for not going…as if I needed one.

My flight from Brisbane was pretty uneventful though I could have done without the guy snoring across the aisle. And the giant sitting in front of me who didn’t stop watching the TV and never moved from his seat. I’ll never understand some people.

Over the eight hours to Hong Kong I managed three episodes of The Walking Dead and a fair few hours sleep. The eye thing they give you was very handy blocking out the giant’s flickering screen.

Speaking of giants…there was a chap with his family in economy. He was very much the epitome of Buddha. His wife and two daughters were normal mortals but the dad was another thing altogether. How he managed to get in and out of an economy class seat, I’ll never know.

When we arrived at Hong Kong there was quite a bit of congestion so we had get a bus across to the terminal. I then had a long trip across to gate 63. Fortunately there’s a train.

A few people travelled all the way from Brisbane to London along with me. Most conspicuous was the poor girl who fractured her ankle and had to fly home after only a week in Oz of a six week holiday. She fell over on the road. She wasn’t very happy in her series of wheelchairs.

Speaking of which, my cane managed to get me loaded before anyone else on every flight even though I didn’t make a fuss, just stood in line with everyone else…which is how I found out about the ankle girl.

There was also the giant that I mentioned earlier. On the plane to London he caused quite an uproar when he leaned his seat back almost crushing an old lady’s legs. She and her husband moved to another couple of seats while the giant struggled to fix his.

Other than that, the flight was uneventful. I dozed, I ate, I watched an insane Chinese film as well as the first episode of the Denise recommended Requiem and I dozed some more.


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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    What a bad trip that was hope the first plane was better glad i was not sitting behind him he would have squashed me flat, Thank you for coming to help look after me Denise was getting very tired trying to work as well. it was lovely having you to my self for two weeks not long enough but you have a life to. lots of love mum xxx

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